Scare Up Some Energy Savings This Fall

Here are a few quick tips for how to save energy and money this fall season.

First, set your thermostat no higher than 68 degrees when you are home and lower the temperature when you go to bed or when you are not at home. This will ensure optimal home heating and save energy.

You should also keep shades and curtains open during the day on the south side of your home to allow solar heating. Close them at night to retain heat.

Also, don’t let air escape that you’ve paid to heat or cool. Be sure to check your home’s weather-striping for air leakage around doors and windows, baseboards, and where ever pipes, wires, and vents enter a house. A fresh application of caulk or new weather-striping around theses openings can save you bundles.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, have your HVAC system serviced by a NATE-certified technician and regularly replace furnace filters. During the heating season, change or clean those filters once a month.