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Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

If you recently purchased an energy-efficient product or renewable energy system for your home, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit. While some energy efficiency tax credits are only available through 2011, others such as installing a Geothermal Heat Pump or Solar Energy Systems, are available through 2016. Plus if you haven’t filed

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Save Money on Next Year’s Taxes with Energy Efficiency Improvements to Your Home Today

If you missed out of any of the 2010 tax credits for energy efficiency upgrades to your home don’t worry because there are a lot of money and energy saving incentives you can take advantage of in 2011. For example, you can receive a tax credit, up to $200 on new ENERGY STAR qualified windows.

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What To Expect This Coming Winter, And What You Can Do To Save Money

East Cost residents shouldn’t expect another “Snowmageddon,” but the Department of Energy is predicting most people will pay roughly the same amount for heat this winter as they did last year. So act now and try to save money this winter with some year end tax credits. According to the IRS, there are two tax

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How Water Heaters are Rated

If you are looking at buying a new water heater,  the best way to compare models is by looking at the Energy Factor (EF) rating. If you look for a yellow tag on the side of the water heater, standard tank-type electric water heaters have Energy Factors of between 0.90 and 0.95. The new crop

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Looking at Replacing Your Clunky Old Washer or Refrigerator?

Well not only would a new ENERGY STAR rated model save you money on your electric bill but you could also score a $250 rebate! Under the federal stimulus act, the government has allocated $300 million to the states and 7 U.S. territories for appliance rebates. But you have to act fast because the program

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